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 Visualising the Environment
 Visualising the Environment

sam. 10 sept.



Visualising the Environment

Organisé par sanu. The role of images is rapidly changing in the age of digitization, social media and mass dissemination. What makes some images convincing and others banal?

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Horaires et lieu

10 sept. 2022, 16:30

Bienne, Rue Général-Dufour 18, 2502 Bienne, Suisse

Sur cet événement

Photographic images shape perceptions and the ways in which we understand the environment. This highly interactive workshop explores a wide range of environmental themes through an illustrated seminar, active discussion, image critique, demonstration of techniques and a practical field trip. It goes beyond the literal representations of 'nature photography' to address the thought processes behind creating compelling and meaningful images and visual stories.

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