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Course - Impact Measurement Workshop (ENG)
Course - Impact Measurement Workshop (ENG)

mer. 23 févr.



Course - Impact Measurement Workshop (ENG)

Keen to understand how you are making a difference? Looking for a simple way to measure your impact? This workshop will guide you into the topic, using interactive exercises to help you understand the fundamental concepts of impact measurement.

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Horaires et lieu

23 févr. 2022, 16:00 – 19:00


Sur cet événement

We want to make sure that we provide you with applied and actionable knowledge. That is why this course is led by Emily Elsner, Social Impact Manager at the ETH.

Emily Elsner is a consultant in impact measurement, evaluation and organisational learning. Emily has experience in founding and managing non-profits and start-ups in the UK and Switzerland, and consulting with projects covering sustainable textiles, refugee and migration topics, adult education and more. She is currently responsible for impact measurement at Capacity, a talent and start-up incubator for refugee and migrant entrepreneurs, and is co-designing a new executive education course on technology and leadership.

Programme Overview

The focus of the workshop will be to deliver a clear picture of impact measurement as a process and tool for building projects and organisations that make a difference. Impact Statements and Stories are useful tools for developing new ideas, testing prototypes and talking to partners and funders. They are the first steps of building a strong impact measurement process.

During this workshop we'll focus on:

- Understanding impact measurement and how to use it

- Defining an impact statement for a project or organisation

- Turning an impact statement into an impact story (focusing on outputs and outcomes)

- What the next steps are to turn an impact story into an effective impact measurement and management process

Note* - This course would usually cost 250 CHF. Thanks to the generously support from the Mercator Foundation, we are able to offer it at a highly discounted rate.

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